The Ugly American

I was reading one of the six (6) newspapers delivered daily to our home when I came across this little paragraph tucked away at the bottom of a page of the Times of India:

“Ganges Sounds Like a Disease”

The Ganges ‘sounds like a disease’ Fox News commentator Glen Beck has said, drawing protests from Hindus.  On his show, Beck said:  “One big river they have there, that sounds like a disease.  Come on, it does.  I mean if somebody said, I am sorry, you have a really bad case of Ganges.”….

I googled and binged (for my microsoft buddies out there…) the remark to verify that he actually said this, and I’m sad to report that yes, he did.   In doing so, Beck only highlights his own stupidity.  There’s plenty to argue here about the insensitivity of the remark, especially since the Ganges River is one of, if not the, holiest site for Hindus.  I’ve already written about my visit there – you can check it out if you haven’t seen it on the old blog site, http://www-standupcomedy.blogspot.com (River Rituals).   What Beck obviously doesn’t know is that Hindus don’t call the river the Ganges.  It’s Ganga, in Hindi.  Ganges is simply an English translation of Ganga.  If Beck thinks that the word Ganges sounds gross – he can blame his mother tongue.

And shame on him for being so juvenile.


Here’s a little winter scene infused with Indian cheer….

Seeing this made me smile big!  I love the universal beauty of folk art.

8 thoughts on “The Ugly American”

  1. And the scariest part is that Beck is actually being touted as a vice presidential running mate for Palin … can you imagine? John and I shake our heads in despair at some of things going on in this country today.

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