It was fun, but the morning after is better!

I love boxing day.  There’s no pressure.  The toys are assembled and fitted with working batteries, there are lots of left-overs, there’s no need to cook, no where to go, and no one to entertain.  A long lazy day awaits to simply enjoy and recover from Christmas.

And what a delightful first Christmas in India it was for us.  The journey to it however, was a bit bumpy .   I walked through the front door at seven on Christmas Eve, toppling over with packages and groceries and totally unprepared for the upcoming 24 hours after a week of not feeling so good.  Poor Lala was upset because we weren’t going to the Orchard, the restaurant where we have spent most of our last six Christmas Eves in China.  The nanny made home-made chicken nuggets and Lala flipped:  “It’s Christmas Eve!  YOU CAN’T EAT CHICKEN NUGGETS ON CHRISTMAS EVE!  I wanted to cry too because my tender and sensitive daughter was so disappointed and I hadn’t been able to make the evening all warm and fuzzy like it has always been.  Jim and I worked hard to salvage the night and to see that the kids went to bed happy and hopeful.

Christmas morning always comes too early for me, especially after a long night of cooking and wrapping.  Here we are in PJ’s waiting for the coffee to brew and for our traditional Chrismtas morning muffins to come out of the oven.  (Cranberry, Orange and Nutmeg):

In our house, Santa brings three gifts to each child.  The gifts represent the three presents given by the wise men to the baby Jesus.  This lovely idea came from a dear friend in Houston when I was a new mother and looking for a way to combine the secular and the religious themes of Christmas.   (See Erin, you are always with my family!)  Of course, there are lots of other prezzies under the tree from Mama and Baba and relatives.

Here’s a taste of the morning: (notice eddie’s hands – the universal location…)

Santa brought  Jimmy a doorway from Rajasthan:

And Mama got a…. TOASTER!  Hmm… mustn’t have been good this year:

Santa did bring me a lovely bauble…  but the toaster has got to top the sexiest gift list!  Also, Georgie gave me a beautiful necklace, which I’m seen wearing above – it’s a picture of the Hindu God Ganesh:

My climber:

In the afternoon we went to a polo match.  It was a fundraiser for an organization started by a local friend of mine to help educate girls in India.  He selects needy families and then pays for their school fees.

It was an interesting scene of wealthy Indians, expats, embassy folks, and polo buffs. I don’t know the intricacies of the game, but it was fun to watch for an hour.  What I liked most was that the riders were both male and female – it appears to be a non-gender game…. or so, this match:

Theo and Jimmy being all Ralph-Lauren-ish…

Sadly, this is what we drove through to get to the lush polo fields:

And just feet away:

There’s lots to say about this in another post.


We returned home to play air hockey – the boys’ favorite gift:

And to share a warm and yummy dinner with our friends Mark, Karen, and Elizabeth.  I invested in a Butterball from the American Embassy this time.   I panicked on the night of the 23rd – called the American Club – and for 116-bucks, bought myself less worry!

The day ended with a silly night of games and songs…  Mark, I’m posting this photo to thank you for the framed newspaper article you gave me, titled:  “Event A Breeze For Elderly.”  (referring to the Delhi marathon!)

Merry Christmas dear family and friends.  May yours be blessed with love and the unexpected moments that make it all memorable…

6 thoughts on “It was fun, but the morning after is better!”

  1. Hi Theo, Jim and the Crew,
    It was so special for us to be assembled in Bill and Eileen’s living room in Seattle and to pass the phone around the room for a chat. So sorry that nobody’s boxes arrived full of Christmas presents. Maybe they’ll make it for Valentine’s. Thanks so much for the account and photos of your Christmas. We all missed you but you sounded as if you had a happy day in India.
    Love to all, Rosie

    1. rosie: this will make you guys laugh… eddie pointed to a picture of the pope on the front of the IHT and said “look mama, an elf!” xoxo

  2. Merry Christmas and happy 2010! We are in Europe this year, and Mark and I have just stolen away to Paris for 2 nights while leaving the kids with my family. Am in heaven – able to enjoy the City of Lights sans ‘mom’ responsibilities! Loved your post – but most of all loved the photo of Eddie, he he. That’s where Erik likes to keep his hands too 🙂 Xox – gabi

    1. eddie just asked about eric – he remembered the gingerbread houses that we made together last year. i attempted to repeat your expert effort and failed… the house just wasn’t up to his standards. in fact, we put it out for the birds to eat!

      breathe in paris for me…. hugs, t

  3. Theo, just catching up on the last month of entries…boxing day is my favorite, too. There’s a special kind of relief in knowing that the rush is over and we can just enjoy ourselves. Also, I started cooking our roast beef & yorkshire pudding on boxing day, which extends the fun and festivities. Usually, Christmas is just family, but we invite lots of friends over to share the roast on the 26th. Happy New Year!

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