My Weird Life, and all that…

A few  last minute notes on our escape to the coast:

Overheard at the reservation desk:  Customer –  “I can accept a frog in my bathroom, but a monkey?”

Overheard by the pool:  Eddie’s new playmate to the pool staff –   “Towel Boy!…. ”

Feasted:  Bed bugs on my hand, arm, back and leg and one bite to the eye that left me with a huge blood blister on the eyelid.

Illegal in the states:  The massage I had on Sunday…

Air Marshal Wannabe:  Me.  When two men sitting two rows in front of me left their seats during the plane’s descent, entered the front cabin and closed the curtain behind them… I instantly hopped up and reported them to the cabin crew behind me and a male attendent raced to the front of the plane.    Turns out that the men were “first time fliers”.   It’s still unclear what they were doing.  (Was I influenced by the white bandana one man was wearing and the loud music coming from his cell phone during the flight?)  This could lead to a good discussion on prejudice.  What did I think I saw?  What did I really see?

Vacation High:  My  run with the resort Weimeraner.  He was on the beach and joined me when he saw me jogging off.  This was my first run with a dog.  He stayed with me the entire 45 minutes and protected me all along the beach.  I ran north instead of south this time and there were long stretches of natural beach and lots of wild dogs living in the brush.   I probably would have turned around had he not been with me.  But what a joy to watch him play in the surf – run ahead to scout the dangers – hang behind and cover my back when we passed a pack of dogs.

And a few final photos.  Here’s a rare shot… Georgie looking (and being) ever so sweet.  This child really tugs at my heart.  (Tramples it and chews it up as well! )

I woke up one morning, stumbled outside and found Eddie here.  He likes mama bear’s hammock!

Eddie was hit by a ricocheting BB from a balloon shooting game in the kids’ club:

Sunset kissed:

She loves me – She loves me not….  ah, my little mini-me is so much herself and it makes me wild with pride.

And in less than 24 hours we went from bathing suits to sweaters.  Mom – this one is for you… see, I AM working on it:

Whirling Dirvishes on the agenda this week… stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “My Weird Life, and all that…”

  1. Wonderful pictures! I think son, Jack (10 1/2) is in love with Olivia as I am sure is the case with most 5th grade boys! I am coming to India for the massage alone.
    G.M wellington

  2. Sounds wonderful (except the eating attack) …

    We’re going to take up mosaic’ing … will have to get tips from you! I had grand plans to bring “stuff” back with me from the States, but alas, our suitcases are already over weight … think we can get the ‘ingredients’ in Delhi?

    1. unsure of whether you can get tesserae (the glass tiles) here. poor quality tesserae have a high sand content and don’t cut cleanly. you also need proper nippers. it might be fun to check out an art school/institute here and see what we can unearth…

  3. sounds good! see, i’m a virgin — tessearea and nippers? i know none of this that you speak of!

    I’m up for a treasure hunt though and will take any tips you care to share about the fine art of mosaic!

    Although, we’re going to be BUSY with Seven Cities, my friend!!

  4. Dear Aunt Theo,

    I love reading your blog and seeing your great pictures. You are really nice and very artistic. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Love, Lou

    Mom promises to send a holiday picture soon.

    1. lou, dearest:

      it makes me very warm and fuzzy knowing that you are reading my blog and enjoying the photos. your cousins miss you terribly and keep asking to play with their seattle family. this summer we will have a fun fest… paint your toe nails blue for me!! xoxo autie theo

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