Domestic Bliss

This quick submission is offered to my girlfriends, who think that every day is charmed here in india.  I won’t pretend that my days are dull – they aren’t.  What they are is very much like yours – routine and domestic and occasionally mind numbing.

The first thing I do every morning is make the kids’ snacks.  I hate this chore.  Jim sets the breakfast table and puts out the cereal and milk;  I’ll supplement the cheerios with a smoothy or fruit or toast.  (Bored yet?)

Then, in quick succession:

Throw-on my running gear and pack my gym bag with the day’s threads.

Yell at kids to get out of bed.

Fuss around for late library books, sign school papers, reading logs, etc…

Yell at the kids to get dressed.

Pack my anvil, otherwise known as MY book bag.  I can’t leave the house without stuffing it with newspapers, my book, another book (just in case), and sometimes my computer if I’m behind on email and all the other stuff that lives in it.

Yell at kids to get into the car.

Search around for my school ID.

Jim yells at me to get into the car.

Eddie and I do his reading homework on the way to school.  (I HATE HOMEWORK)

Deliver the kids to class.  I always forget something – like the day when Eddie had a field trip.  We arrived just as the bell rang – he, weighed down with his book bag, disposable snack, water bottle… and me, balancing two plates of homemade cupcakes for the afternoon party.  And can you believe the teacher looked at me and said, “Eddie didn’t bring a hat?”

Please tell me there’s a special hell for kindergarten teachers.


I’ll spare you the minute details of the rest of my day.  They include chores, shopping, lots of traffic, troubleshooting, crisis management, leaping tall buildings in a single bound – you know well the routine.  It’s all made more interesting by the heat (we hit 91F this week), sewage stench, power outages, blown fuses, nanny mood-swings, and the crisis-of-the-day (inevitable).  There’s also a few personal projects and endeavors of mine that make me feel a bit more “whole” – but I always have to squeeze them into my mommy-schedule or stay up late into the night.

Before you know it, I’m back at school collecting the kids and fielding their play dates, soccer schedules, chinese lessons.

Dinner – It’s a guess who will be sitting with me at the table.

Showers – Imagine bathing cats.

Bed-time routine – Long and tiresome, involving milk, books, undressing (George sleeps naked), dressing (Eddie sleeps covered head to toe), and listening to a day of 5th-grade gossip.


See?  My life is a Yawn, too!  I hope I’ve managed to bore you so much that you didn’t make it to this last sentence and skipped to the photos:

This is pure, raw sewage that’s dumped into one of Delhi’s oldest and most beautiful neighborhood parks.  These poor men say they make 150 Rupees a day, or about three dollars.  They say that scooping the muck is a never-ending job because the city won’t stop the filthy run-off.  Can hell be any worse than this?  UPDATE:   I’VE HAD A FEW Q’S ABOUT THE COLOR IN THE PHOTO… basically, what I think happens here is that the sewage gets dumped, oxygen levels in the water increase, algae grows, feeding off the elevated levels, this upsets the bio-diversity balance, etc – Something like that, anyway.

Here’s a wider view of the lake in Hauz Khaus:

These young beggars saw Lala and her friends rolling down the side of a hill and couldn’t resist joining the fun.  It was a precious sight  – to see them laugh and to hear them giggle.

Here are colors of Holi:

This is the guard station at a market.  I love how they sand-bag themselves for protection.

Lala’s favorite spot:

And finally – I’m posting this for my mother – three generations of Blakebrough girls. Ten years from now, will Lala tower over me?

7 thoughts on “Domestic Bliss”

  1. Wow, Theo, the new furniture is spiffy!
    Yes, you do tower over me now; I must have shrunk with age … sigh!
    Lala will be a tall girl, I think.

  2. Thank you for this entry! I needed it. I must say I can’t even imagine dealing with 3 kids’ schedules & a new life in India. (and I thought LA was tough) Also, the picture of the men cleaning up raw sewage. I show the boys your posts but that one made them take pause & ask a million questions. What a horrific job.

    1. g: even though those men had such a horrific job, they took it very seriously and patiently explained the steps of their efforts. once they skim the residue from the top of the lake, they try to rake bottles and trash from bed…

  3. I like getting your blog in weekly updates now.. i used to ingest it all once a month. but this makes me feel closer. lovely pic of the 3 generations. def. something to frame for lala. just back from 4 days in fla. spending time with my parents.
    spring is peeking thru here which soon means baseball for liam which i really enjoy. nell very excited. just got cast as grandma josephine in the school play of Charlie and the chocolate factory. i’m bursting with pride of course….

    and man, do your day sound familiar…
    I, too, fear the evil eye of Liam’s teachers.

    1. k: i was a GREAT kindergarten mommy with olivia; a good kindergarten mommy with george; but with eddie, i always seem to fall short of the bar.

      i strive for clean and happy – and don’t worry about the rest…

      i’ll be in new york area first week of august – you around? probably staying with friends in maplewood for a few days to break-up the flight from San Francisco to Delhi.

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