Under the Big Top

It’s been one of those weeks in which I accomplished everything and nothing.  We have a house guest for six days and our time is filled with organizing, accommodating, replenishing, and as will happen when you have three children with little lives of their own, juggling.  We love having guests though, so bring it on dear friends and family…  and join our circus!

In ring one this week we have one of Jim’s colleagues/boss from New York. He came to see incredible India and feast on all that makes this place a riot to write about. India is also a petrie dish of  many growing global interests:  terrorism, pollution, corrupted democracy, population pressures, diversity, religion, disputed borders – the list goes on.   I think it’s fair to say that he will leave for New York with lots to digest.

In ring two, we have the usual to-ing and fro-ing from home to school to after-school activities and my own, active life squeezed in between.  This  fills my days and renders me exhausted by bedtime.  I have also managed to find our cook a full time job with another family which is my passive-aggressive way of firing her.  This means that I have a few more dinners to attend to on my own and I admit to throwing left-overs at our guest on Tuesday night…

And in ring three we have a very public security warning for foreigners to stay away from markets until the end of the month.  This is supposed to steer me  from my usual haunts but it hasn’t.  Three years ago several bombs exploded killing a good handful of people, and following the Pune bombing and crude explosion outside a cricket match last week, security gurus are all buzzing.  I do admit to feeling mildly anxious as I weaved my way through traffic in the middle of one market today –  a blip of panic, then control.  It’s only natural to imagine what could happen but there’s so much of life that never gets lived if you live in fear.   Our guest wants to do a quick shop before he leaves in the morning  – I hope he agrees with my last sentence because there’s this great store in Khan Market….


i’ve written about it – and now you get to watch it – my Bollywood dance class:

This video doesn’t exist

And the week in photos… this first one is a rally organized by the main opposition party in parliament to protest rising food prices.  Many of the protesters came to Delhi from neighboring provinces.  Rumor has it that the red light district was crawling with visitors this week looking to see if inflation is affecting other markets…

Lala’s new ballet class.  Bamboo barre, stone floor, no mirrors…. but she loves it!

Here’s the state liquor store where I get my wine… notice that it’s open air:

And here’s my selection:

Playing in one of those markets I’m supposed to avoid:

The preponderance of joy:  See the parched earth, feel the heat  – and still, give kids a bat, a ball, and watch play prevail.  This is cricket, the most widely played sport on earth I’m told.  (Soccer fans, do you disagree?)

New friends and newer friends – that’s Ethan on the left.  He’s on R&R this week from State Department duty at Bagram Airforce Base in Afghanistan:

10 thoughts on “Under the Big Top”

  1. Please be careful … it strikes fear into a mother’s heart to think of you going anywhere near the Khan market now that there are warnings.

    Stone floors are very hard on the muscles and tendons of dancers … just had to put my 2 cents’ worth in, but I’m so glad that Lala is happy.

    1. i’m being sensible mom – just not going out of my way to go out of my way. yesterday I did avoid one market where i like to buy most of my western grocery items because jim asked me to… but i had to go to another market instead or else george wouldn’t have had his corn flakes and he’s a royal pain in the ass in the mornings if his palate isn’t satisfied!

  2. Love it! Maybe next year I’ll have to sign up for the dance classes!

    The wine rack selection photo is hysterical!

    I need to send you a list of some of my fave songs to run to …

    1. it’s a workout… and full of laughs if you have the right mix of people. (maybe i’ll join you next semester…)

      as for wine – i whine a lot, don’t i? you should join me for wine club – it meets fridays biweekly at the shangrila eros. i always meet interesting people there.

  3. I lasted one bollywood class so I am deeply admiring of women who move in a synchronized way to the commands of the wicked Vik ! MM

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