My Run

I’ve come to love my outdoor runs in Delhi.  Like mad dogs and Englishmen, I’m crazy for doing it – but what I see on the streets makes sweating through the early morning heat worth it.  Watching the city wake up makes me feel more apart of this place.  Yes, I am a spectacle as well – a lone woman running the streets spins more than a  few very curious heads.  I carry a stick to ward off dogs, and mace  – just in case the dogs don’t fear my stick.   So far, the monkeys haven’t bothered me but I hear that I’m lucky.  They are temperamental and unpredictable. I rarely see other  runners but on this particular day I ran into a guy from Peru, a doctor who now lives in Arizona.  The first thing I asked him was this:  What the hell is your governor doing?

Experimenting, he answered.

Enjoy the show!

This video doesn’t exist

13 thoughts on “My Run”

  1. Arizona is certainly getting attention. Here in Payson a friend of Mexican descent is sanguine; he says that nothing will come of the new law.
    So glad you are running, despite the heat, so long as you don’t “go out in the midday sun”!
    Skype soon? Hugs, MAW

    1. Call me instead… The skype computer is off-line right now and we can’t figure out why… But we have hot water! ( no cold… It’s all hot until december.)

  2. Very cool. You are insane.

    I have not finished my book alas. It’s more like excitedly seeking procrastination that somehow feels connected to the book or expat life or something to relieve my guilt…

    Since you are a character in my book, your blog qualifies.

    Going to show Becky and kids the video tonight.

    1. Jim is still writing as well. You just know that he’ll finish the night before I leave for the states to travel alone with the kids! Just think though…. You”ll have a book, something to hold when this is all over….

  3. must know what that song is … beautiful …

    (psst … will you email it to me? I don’t often check back once I’ve hit a blog to read the current post)

  4. Wonderful pictures. I can’t believe you have to worry about monkeys. I love the song. Please share Artist? Oh, I think it’s great that you called out the OTHER lone jogger on AZ! Wacked situation.

  5. Theo,

    Am loving the blog! It’s like a virtual tour through India. I really liked the run to Robbie Williams — a tad more action-packed than the streets around Riviera, isn’t it? It looks like you all are doing well.

  6. Theo,

    Believe me, I know about THE BOOK! Dave’s done now, but I can sympathize with losing every weekend and spare minute your hubby has…can’t wait to read Jim’s though. When’s it coming out?

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