Too Hot to Think…

For the first time I am coming to this post with little to tell you about India this week.  I think the heat has hijacked my initiative – it was 115 in the shade on Friday.  The paint on the streets is melting; I can’t open my front door without burning my hand;  the air feels like a blow-dryer on my face.

A nice distraction though:  my brother is visiting from Hawaii and he brought along four friends.  It’s always fun to have a houseful of youth, especially when they  pick up after themselves and don’t make crumbs.  (In fact, I’ve hit the wall with crumbs – my new policy is to put them in the offender’s bed.  George ended up with big chunks of banana bread under his sheets the other night and he has two grapes waiting for him tonight….)

My brother Cole was trained well at West Point and he leaves a minimal crumb footprint.  He just defended his thesis at the East-West School but he’s dangling one little un-finished graduate credit so he doesn’t have to report to duty TOO soon – at least not until his travels through India, Nepal and Tibet are over.  Then he reports to basic training in Georgia and Kentucky. Afterwards, he’s hoping that special forces will want his very special self .  If not, then maybe he will follow our father into psychological operations.   Cole would be GREAT at that.  This was the kid who never gave in, gave up, or gave a rat’s ass if you punished him.  He is stubborn personified and I promise you that he could make an argumentative Indian’s head spin!


I keep notes when I see something that I might share with you, such as this advertisement on a billboard in Delhi that I saw a few weeks ago:  “Become an airline pilot in six months”.  Of course, this is an embarrassing claim following the crash in Mangalore yesterday and now, investigations into flight safety, training and maintenance.  The NYT did a nice, and very quick follow-up into flight safety here.  Surprise, surprise – It appears the industry enjoys the national past time:  corruption.

So, there you have my lazy entry.  I promise something more of this place later this week.  I want to visit the toilet museum – so stayed tuned!

Here’s a photo of my beautiful friend, Kristi who just turned 40.  She and I celebrated by doing something that we NEVER do:  we lounged in the middle of the day by the pool – with lots of trashy magazines and WITHOUT the kids. It was fun!

And… my little brother next to me and his crew of friends:

7 thoughts on “Too Hot to Think…”

  1. Theo, I understand that you welcome Cole into your home wherever you are. The fact that you also welcome his crew and provide room, board, travel advice, and comfort to them goes way above and beyond! And as we know the numbers can range from 2 to 8. It adds another star in your already glitzy crown.

    Just thinking about the heat there stupefies me. I’m sure you’re ready to escape to the cooler temps of Texas and Arizona. I’m glad I’l be there in the winter.

    Love your crumb lessons. I wish Cole would leave some just so you could let him experience it.

    Love, love, love the blog!
    More love, Barbara

    p.s. Who will care for your house dog while you are gone?

  2. You made turning 40 fabulous and beautiful, dearest delhi diva. My heart is full. Let’s take the boys to the toilet museum together this week. They need to brush up on their potty talk. Love love love your blog as well – you’re helping me make some sense of this exciting and exhausting life we live and to know I’m not alone is in George’s words, ‘ginormous’! xx

  3. “a boy named Penny” has many friends and no shortage of hands willing to care for him. he is lucky to live in India! cole is in agra and jaipur right now…. returning delhi tuesday. off to goa on thursday. we may make it up to d.c. for two nights late june… IF we can change flight details. no guarantees. i’ll keep you posted. thanks for the support on the blog! xoxo

  4. Theo,

    I laughed so hard reading your post. It just made my day. If you need any magazines, I just left a bunch in the gym. We would love to meet your brother as Mit is also a West Pointer.

    1. unfortunately, cole leaves delhi today… but i look forward to bumping into you at ACSA this weekend – i want to touch base before i leave next week.

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