Return to Me in August…

The other day I ordered Mcdonald’s delivery for lunch to celebrate the last day of school with the kids.  Three Happy Meals arrived, hot and fresh but missing the french fries.  When I complained, the innocent delivery man explained to “Madame” that Happy Meals don’t come with french fries.  Frustrated, I asked my friend Sanny, “Why the &^!@*&! call it a meal when you only get chicken nuggets?”  (I admit, it was a simple-minded frustration but I allow myself these from time to time…)

Her answer:  Because this is India.

A simple answer to a stupid question.   Thank you, Sanny!  I owe you a Happy Meal with Margarita when we meet in Arizona…


The intent of  this blog has been to share my experiences here with my family and friends and whoever taps in – and not, necessarily to have a public diary.  I will be in the U.S. for the next nine weeks and have decided not to post again until my return in August.

It is shocking to me that one school season and nearly a year has passed since our adventures began.  It hasn’t been as romantic or extraordinary as some pictures and posts may have made it seem.  For those of you who have followed me faithfully – maybe you understand that my engagement with India has been like a passionate love affair with soaring highs and aching lows.

It’s time to regroup, dip into the life I left long ago in the States and return refreshed  for the new school year.  I have learned that every expat season has its own flavor  – next year I hope to work a bit to finance a few trips that I’ve been dreaming about.

Here’s ten months squeezed into a three-minute slide show.  It is a tribute to my beautiful children who have struggled to make sense of their new home.   I am enormously proud of them and forgive every tantrum and every tear and every bite they took out of me.   Enjoy.

This video doesn’t exist

19 thoughts on “Return to Me in August…”

  1. Safe journey! Can’t wait to see you and the children. You are a woman in full … and beautiful in every way. Amazing video; thank you.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Beautiful video! Thanks for sharing your remarkable year with us. We can’t wait to see y’all in NC in just a few weeks! Safe trip! Ei and gang

  3. whew, a little choked up and teary watching this. beautiful way to wrap up the year. i’ll return to you in august… xx

  4. Shabash, my dear. What a beautiful tribute – just please don’t ever show it to my children who, grown up as they are, will promptly complain that I never did anything quite as beautiful for them.
    Enjoy your summer, run well, and see you back here in August. x C

  5. WOW! Your family is poetry in motion, beautiful!
    India has come twice to the Tellis household in one day, I have my Indian friends now visiting in New Bern! My heart is touched in many ways. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for putting this up – it’s remarkable. I’m going to miss you the next nine weeks! Wish NM were on the itinerary. Love, Jane

  7. Cracking up about the happy meals … we (shamefully) are well known at McDonalds and learned that lesson early on!!

    Touching video tribute. I’ve started a many of them and stop short of completion either for having too many photos, or having a hard time finding the right song. Good on you for accomplishing both!

  8. So long dear and enjoy the western world. See you in August refreshed and raring to go
    Love m

  9. Fabulous photos. Miss you, dear friend. Will be in the US late July/early Aug. Love and hugs.

  10. dear all: we are safely in the states, happy happy happy, and active consumers of all things american. already, I miss “thinking” about what to write next in the blog! enjoy a beautiful summer…


  11. I will miss dipping into your life every Mon. your video was fantastic. i watched it with nell and yes, i cried. a year in india, you made it!

    1. And now I’m slinging breakfast, lunch and dinner and wading through laundry… But strangely, the change is nice! I’m feeling very relaxed here in texas… I’ll email you my cell. Xoxo t

  12. Theo, wonderful video! You are such a talented writer & photographer–what a gift. Hope you have a great visit to the U.S.!

    1. thanks chris. i’m writing from our old home town. should you find yourself here over the next week, i’d love to see you… i’m heading out on the 22nd.

  13. Okay, it’s August–where are you? 🙂 Sorry I missed you in Houston. TX is not in the cards for me this summer, though Rob & Robert are headed to Austin this weekend. How was the 1/2?

    1. hey… in nyc until friday. then heading east. NEXT WEEK, an entry… i promise! sorry we missed you as well. still love houston!

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