Just a quick note today to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to say that I am truly blessed to have such a cornucopia of family and friends.  Thank you for the myriad of ways in which you support me – reading my often ego-centric blog, traveling long distances to visit me, sending me funny text messages, always being at the end of my emails, and for those of you here in Delhi, laughing and crying with me at all that we enjoy and endure.

This holiday passes for us without the usual Thanksgiving feast – I’ve decided NOT to spend 150-dollars on a 12-pound Butterball, or half that amount to chew and chew and chew on  a local bird.   My father-in-law prefers to cook Jambalaya on Thanksgiving.  I’d do the same if I could get real chorizo and healthy shrimp and Zatarains creole seasoning.   And this reminds me of my father’s exquisite paella…  a feast for the eyes and the palate.  (We miss you, dad.)

Ok, so what ARE we eating?  We will be tenting on the banks of the Ganges river in the foothills of the Himalayas – eating Indian camp food.  The meals are nothing to wax poetic about but I am brewing and bringing grog and expect the combination to be divine…


Sunday’s race:

It wasn’t my best performance – from the start I was slightly off.   My chest was tight, which I haven’t experienced before and the labored breathing threw me off-balance.  I even inhaled water through my nose at one of the stations! Drinking, breathing and running at the same time takes coordination but runners usually figure this out.   I didn’t beat my time from last year and honestly, I was pissed-off at first, then disappointed… and finally I felt guilty for feeling so competitive.   NOW, I’m copacetic about it all and thankful that I came through without injury and feeling physically good.  I even won a few greenbacks to add to the “negligent mothers” travel kitty.  (This is a term a friend in China coined when we would sneak away for a day of skiing…)

I had a crew of friends running this time but failed to get a group photo of us, which saddens me.   Here I am, getting a rub-down – and later, after washing up, a celebratory brunch with the family and a friend who ran as well, Tom Wright.  (He works for the Wall Street Journal but we forgive him because he’s a decent runner….)

And a few local scenes… a bike, a guy and his monkeys:

This dear woman irons laundry for my neighbors.  I love telling her that she’s beautiful (and I mean it…) – she smiles and smiles:

Buying veggies for the beef stew I craved and cooked this week.  (Thanks to my naughty girlfriend, Viv, I actually have a freezer full of real beef, NOT buffalo. She vacuumed packed a slab and stowed it in her luggage from China.)

7 thoughts on “Turkeyless”

  1. Good job finishing the run! Have a wonderful Holiday with the family. hmm ..tenting along the Ganges. Can’t say I’ve ever done that on Thanksgiving. Sounds intriguing.

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And, no, you don’t have to have turkey to make it real – I haven’t had it for years and still manage to celebrate and give thanks. Your trip sounds more interesting than the Norman Rockwell version!
    The fact that you are out there running is great – don’t worry about your time.

    I tried to make paella last summer for the first time since your Dad died. I thought I remembered just how he did it, but it was not nearly as good as his.

    Still getting my plans for India together. Some blokes from the pub in London will be in Goa for two months and we’ve hatched a plan to meet in Varanassi together. I’m thinking by train – is that doable? Also want to get to Agra.

    Cole is coming home for Thanksgiving, but not arriving until Thursday, and since Alec and Kelly will be at her family, we will have our big dinner on Friday. Kathy Harmsen and her son will be joining us, as will Diana’s family.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your non-traditional feast. It will make great memories for the kids.
    Hugs to all.
    Love, Barbara

    1. barbara:

      goa, varanasi – all doable. let’s talk details when you have your dates for india. i’m still trying to get into the mumbai half marathon on my birthday – but this may be a very last minute thing, with a number coming available days before the 16th.

      i’m going to goa the weekend of december 10th – sneaking away with a girlfriend who will be in town from new york.

      more on that and thanksgiving in my blog!

      hugs all around. xoxo t

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I agree with Barbara that you don’t need a turkey…you will make wonderful memories, regardless!
    P.S. And remember that sucky running is all relative…your 1:49 still beats my fastest 1/2 by 15 minutes! You’re awesome!

  4. Great stuff as always Theo.

    Go Viv! We used to laugh at the brazen Aussies for bringing coolers of “saussies” and beef back from Oz. I’m sorry but my dear wife is unlikely to contribute to your meat stash.

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