The Bubble

(you know you’re getting lazy or life is getting too busy  – or both – when you repeat yourself, such as i did with the post below.  it is life… )

It’s easy to not live in India when you live in India.  There’s a triangle that stretches from my home, to school and the American Embassy compound. If you wanted to you could live almost entirely within this space.  We call it The Bubble.  It’s not the Truman Show – but it’s close.  If you read me regularly than you know that I walkabout all over this city, but The Bubble is a blessing when you really need things to be easy.   School is not only a place to study or work – there’s community theater, visiting artists, libraries, sports, a coffee shop and bakery.  If you are with the embassy, you can live on compound and shop at the commissary.  The American club has a pool, restaurants, shops, a bowling alley, hair dresser, barber, dry cleaner, ATM, health club, tennis courts.   You can bowl, eat the sacred red meat and drink home-brew… tax-free.

I’m writing about the bubble because this week I lived within its confines.  I worked four days and didn’t have time to spread my wings.  Jim is working on book revisions so we’re back to weekends without daddy.  We tend to spend more time at home when he’s not around – that’s actually a good thing because I’m a big believer in unstructured time for kids.   Leave George to his own devises and he usually ends up making a mess “experimenting”.   Scenes like this one don’t ruffle my feathers:

A cleaner activity involved raiding daddy’s closet:

And this is classic George:  He cooks-up an idea and outsources the labor:

I spend more time cooking when we’re home-bound.  Thanks to mom, we have real chocolate chips.  I like to throw in a touch of cinnamon and pine nuts in my chocolate chip cookies.  (Did I really write that?  Smack me – I sound like Martha Stewart!  Truthfully, the only thing we have in common is that I would have sold those shares, too…)

And with the sublime weather now, I spend a lot of time right here:

What classes did I cover this week?  Hint:  I got to wear a whistle…

And play spider woman…

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