Hurray! I Found the Time to Write…

It’s been a weird 48 hours:  A bomb exploded not far from where we live, killing 12 and injuring scores more at the High Court;  Later the same day,  an earthquake shook us out of bed – it wasn’t powerful, only 4.4 on the Richter scale, but it was centered just outside the city and the proximity made it feel significant;  And today, the skies spilled an enormous amount of rain on the city.  Our front yard (and soccer pitch) looked like this:

Every year has a different flavor when you live as an expat.  You move, you settle, you explore, maybe you work.  You nestle, you travel.  You make new friends, you say goodbye to old ones.  Life is fluid.  And in the spirit of fluid I have flowed into a new adventure:  A Job.

I am teaching a writing and reporting class and developing the curriculum at World Media Academy, an exciting project managed by the International Center for Journalists and funded partly by the Knight Foundation.  I have 15 adult students from India, Nepal, Bhutan, the US and two arriving soon from Italy and Syria.  The students are enrolled in a one-year multi-media program that gives them strong skills to manage a modern journalism career that now blends print and broadcast.  Some of the students have worked as journalists already and are looking to flesh-out their skills.

The students are dedicated and very smart and ever-so sweet.   I was moved by their personal essays:  Many struggled through tenuous economic and political environments growing up;  most emphasized duty to their families and communities.

I teach six 90-minute sessions a week which means we spend a lot of time together.  The director of the school focuses on broadcast writing and another faculty member handles much of the technical stuff.  My days will get even more exciting when the students hit the streets and start writing and shooting and producing good stories.

Stay tuned!


My beautiful Georgie turns 9 on September 11th:

Monkey Business:  Rhesus macaque monkeys love the American Embassy School grounds.  The pesky pests often breach the high walls and barbed wire.  It takes this dominant langur monkey to keep them away.  He spreads (sprays?) his scent on the boundaries of the school to discourage the other monkeys from playing inside:

I don’t have photos yet of my class or the inside of the school, but I did shoot this the other day as I was leaving.  The school is located in the building with the satellite on top.  You have to adjust your eyes in Delhi – everything looks this messy on the outside.  Inside, we are building a state-of-the-art facility:

And finally – I’ve had requests for more house photos.  Here are two shots of our two-week-old living room:

8 thoughts on “Hurray! I Found the Time to Write…”

  1. it’s one of those serendipitous opportunities that pulls together most of the threads: my international experiences, my teaching, my faint but earnest dabbles with journalism and my obsession with news…

    how are you, old friend? we go back to the beginning of all this craziness!

    i hope your friend, elly will recover…

  2. Yes, that is why I think the job sounds perfect for you. I am so glad you found it or it found you. Theo, you will do fantastic! Thanks for the thoughts of my dear friend, Elly. I don’t know if you remember her from our early days…she’s got an incredible spirit.

  3. good luck with the job. You look very official pointing at that screen! I’m sure you’ll draw on all the knowledge you gained sitting next to me at Headline News!

  4. if i could remember that long back! too many years sit between then and now…

    (tell liam that we just asked g’maw to send eddie “stratego” for his birthday.)

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