Back to Regal Rajasthan

We went to the western edge of India, on the Pakistan border again.  This time, the desolate sands of the Thar Desert separated us from seeing the other side.

I have promised Jim not to write too much of our adventures.  He’s brewing a travel piece of his own and since his writing keeps this family fat and happy and mine is mere indulgence, I won’t over-do it here.

Instead, I have exercised my newly acquired Final Cut Pro skills and put together a little look-see for you.  It’s full of imperfections, but I will fiddle no more…   When I fix one problem, everything shifts slightly and I end-up with six other problems.  The cruel joke with this amazing editing program is that one can fiddle forever!  It’s like checking into the Hotel California…

Enjoy the journey below.  It starts on the overnight train out of Delhi:


Other updates:

Lala:   She can’t stop growing.  She wears my clothes, my shoes;  she uses my make-up, cream, perfume;  and now, she reads my books!  I was a few chapters into “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” when it disappeared.   My mother called me “fingers” because I couldn’t keep my hands off her things.  The apple isn’t falling far from this tree.

The boys:  Smelly, Dirty, Loud, Exhausting.  Need I say more?

Jim:  Facing final. final. final. final. edits on Brave Dragons.  It releases Valentines Day and this is my first of many plugs:  It’s an AWESOME read.  The book tour is late February/March, and many of you will get to see him (and maybe me).  Stay tuned.

Work:  Crazy fun.  I never know if there will be electricity or Internet, or whether the toilet will flush.   There’s no AC.  But I do have a hard-ass boss who keeps the doors of the school open in this country that prefers to see them closed, and brilliant students who meet the challenges I throw at them.  On the sidelines we have mafia goons who control electricity to the building, transvestite eunuchs who insist we pay them to avoid bad omens, and uneducated construction workers who carelessly shower bricks on the street  two-stories below when they build a window.    It’s never a dull day at World Media Academy, delhi!  Check out the school’s website if you have a moment:  http://worldmediaacademy.com/

10 thoughts on “Back to Regal Rajasthan”

    1. forget the learning – it’s been far too long since we’ve shared the same space. i’m in jorbagh now and i think that you have friends over here… stop by! (email me for address….)

  1. i’m still plotting a trip to turkey. you guys around early january? we have three weeks over the holidays and no where to go. (anything we can afford in Goa is booked… ) i’m thinking that a non-skiing cold weather destination might fit the budget!

  2. Hi , cant wait to read jim’s book and are you coming to London….would love to see you on our book tour!! love Seema x

  3. Theo, This is great! I love the mix of still and video.
    We missed you in London. I have not made reservations yet. Please Email me and let me know what you think are the best dates. I’d like to overlap with your mom. Am I prepared for the fearsome three?
    Getting excited about planning the Greece trip in June/July (final dates depend on Cole’s schedule). Hope you can join us in Cephalonia. Becky is interested and may come. Maybe we can turn this into a cousins’ reunion. Can you scan the pages of your grandfather’s passport and Email them to me?
    Everyone looks great in your bit, and I love your new profile picture. The tie-dye look brings me back………

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