Almost Home….

Book tour continues for Jim. He is in North Carolina until the end of the week – returning to both Chapel Hill and Greensboro, a hometown boy and Brave Dragon. It’s been a fun and exhausting tour across the country. Jim spends his days doing “media” – mostly radio interviews. We had a lovely Yardley family reunion in SF, and BBQ with old and dear friends in Houston. We are still fond of that city. It was home base to Jim’s Texas travels and the womb that nurtured my nascent days of motherhood. Olivia and I bonded for three-and-a-half years in Houston before Mud-Pig invaded. (That’s her nick name for George.)

In New York, we slipped back even further into our past and celebrated with friends who shared our days in Atlanta more than twenty years ago. They were coupled around a dinner table with friends from China. The two groups were like book ends to one significant part of my life with Jim.

I have a few days sprinkled with a little work, but mostly there’s time to relax and recover. Jim has given me a long leash to go “window shopping” in the City.

Home Friday. I miss my babies and surprisingly, India.

Photos: In SF with Yardley Aunties and Uncles.



3 thoughts on “Almost Home….”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful and successful tour, Theo. I am very anxious to read Jim’s book. Scott is as well! What great timing..my boys are obsessed with Jeremy Lin.
    I am so sad to have missed out on seeing you though..maybe someday:) Safe travels home to the kids.
    xo G

  2. G: I have secret hopes that we will end-up in CA if we move back to the states. we both would much rather live in the west, i think… at least for a while. it would be fun and Olivia would have a greater chance of using/and continuing to study her Chinese there. also, while east coast is home – west somehow feels more hopeful – even in the shitty economy.

    we had a CNN reunion in NYC – jen, karen, bonnie, graham, me… it was fun and i regret that i didn’t get a photo of us all together.

    hope you are well… xoxo t

  3. Know you must be exhausted but you must know how much we loved seeing you in SF and sharing the excitement of Brave Dragons. Sounds like the rest of the tour was great – we’re thrilled with the reception the book has gotten and glad you had a chance to see so many friends. Much love to you all – Jane & John

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