The tantric sex carvings on the temples of Khajuraho are few among the thousands of exquisite sculptures that adorn the site.

And I think George found every one of them.

Eddie played it cool and ignored the carvings.

Lala couldn’t figure out why there were so many limbs involved.

Beyond the erotic, was the sublime:  female bodies poised and posed in the most sensuous tasks – preening, undressing, playing, mothering.

You can hear music in the walls of Khajuraho, the ancient capital of the powerful Chandela kingdom of central India.  There’s art and passion and reverence for beauty in every nook and cranny.

Have kids?  Run to, not away, from this heritage site.  While some of the carvings are erotic, even explicit, you will also find musicians, children, animals and playful deities in gorgeous imagery.  All that beauty is lumped together in a community of life and love.


We also chased tigers through the Panna Tiger Reserve.  Chased but never saw.  Still, the landscape was beautiful in dawn and sunset and in the moments before and after.  We saw four-footed and winged creatures aplenty, but never the burning stripes of the likes of Shere Khan.  (Maybe Panna’s tigers are more like the tiger, Richard Parker, in the Life of Pi:  Do they really exist?)  A few years back, in 2006, all of Panna’s tigers were poached.  Rangers say they relocated a new pair into the reserve and now, there are sixteen tigers roaming the forests of the night…

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