It is past midnight and there’s only a few hours that stretch between now and when I need to wake the kids for our flight to Athens.  For the first time in nine years we are not traveling to the US in summer.  Instead, we will join family in Greece to search for the roots of the Livieratos family tree.  Then it’s on to Barcelona where the boys will attend a soccer camp.  Finally, a road trip to southwest France and generous friends.

I have received several notes about Jim’s “Right to Pee” story in Mumbai.  Some of you wondered whether I played a role in helping him.  Ask Jim, and he might say “no.”  We did discuss its elements though as he knows that this is a topic that resonates with me.  One key point which he unintentionally left out is that many government schools fail to provide bathrooms for female students and this keeps young girls from attending regularly or from drinking adequate amounts of water during school hours.  If you didn’t get a chance to read the story, you can here:


I will be back in Delhi in August.  As always this time of year, a peek at how much we have grown in India….