Crazy Hot Running

The temperatures are still clocking 97-plus degrees in Delhi (that’s at least 36 for my metric users), and this makes tomorrow’s half marathon here a bit more punishing than typical.

The city moved-up the date from November, when the  mornings are chilly and the days comfortable.  Mornings now are sticky because of the late monsoon, and by 8:00 the sun is unforgiving to anyone moving faster than an aunty on her morning stroll.

For this race I concocted a crazy repertoire of training, which included late morning and late afternoon runs to prepare for the heat and to increase the challenge of shorter-than-typical routes for me.  My weak knee can’t handle the stress but I haven’t yet given up the fight.

I have a wonderful physiotherapist who has helped me to decrease the pain and increase my confidence.  Here’s my knee, taped and ready to carry me across the finish line Sunday… God willing:

My head has been dealing with accepting my limitations and still wanting to chase my PB, or personal best running time.  This damn sport is an addiction – scarily easy to manage and seemingly impossible to let go.

Jim and Lala teased me mercilessly when they saw the title of my music playlist:  “Longshot”.  They changed it to Frontrunner, which made me laugh and love them with that awareness that should come more often but that so often gets swept-up in our busy lives.

Anyway – just a short note this week.  Immediately after the race, we go Rajasthan for a few days.  I will write again later in the week with an update and maybe, something more fun to share from the tribal landscape near Jaipur.

If you read this in time, send a prayer that the knee… and the head…. can do it once again.


So much more exciting to have this in your rear-view mirror:

Hope he wasn’t heading here:

Beggars who came to my home:

Any students out there reading this?  Here’s a good story:

This little guy just gets cuter.  He loves to sit on the side of the bathtub while I take a shower!

So this funny orange guy is “Smiley” and he’s been mine since I was wee small.  Obviously, he’s a product of the early 70’s… maybe even the 60’s.  (Do you remember mom?)  Anyway, Lala loves him – and she keeps him on her bed.