Crazy Hot Running

The temperatures are still clocking 97-plus degrees in Delhi (that’s at least 36 for my metric users), and this makes tomorrow’s half marathon here a bit more punishing than typical.

The city moved-up the date from November, when the  mornings are chilly and the days comfortable.  Mornings now are sticky because of the late monsoon, and by 8:00 the sun is unforgiving to anyone moving faster than an aunty on her morning stroll.

For this race I concocted a crazy repertoire of training, which included late morning and late afternoon runs to prepare for the heat and to increase the challenge of shorter-than-typical routes for me.  My weak knee can’t handle the stress but I haven’t yet given up the fight.

I have a wonderful physiotherapist who has helped me to decrease the pain and increase my confidence.  Here’s my knee, taped and ready to carry me across the finish line Sunday… God willing:

My head has been dealing with accepting my limitations and still wanting to chase my PB, or personal best running time.  This damn sport is an addiction – scarily easy to manage and seemingly impossible to let go.

Jim and Lala teased me mercilessly when they saw the title of my music playlist:  “Longshot”.  They changed it to Frontrunner, which made me laugh and love them with that awareness that should come more often but that so often gets swept-up in our busy lives.

Anyway – just a short note this week.  Immediately after the race, we go Rajasthan for a few days.  I will write again later in the week with an update and maybe, something more fun to share from the tribal landscape near Jaipur.

If you read this in time, send a prayer that the knee… and the head…. can do it once again.


So much more exciting to have this in your rear-view mirror:

Hope he wasn’t heading here:

Beggars who came to my home:

Any students out there reading this?  Here’s a good story:

This little guy just gets cuter.  He loves to sit on the side of the bathtub while I take a shower!

So this funny orange guy is “Smiley” and he’s been mine since I was wee small.  Obviously, he’s a product of the early 70’s… maybe even the 60’s.  (Do you remember mom?)  Anyway, Lala loves him – and she keeps him on her bed.  

10 thoughts on “Crazy Hot Running”

  1. You’ll do splendidly in the marathon, my little Theo! I’ll be thinking about you. Very proud of you! Good luck, and take care of that knee.
    The “smiley” toy must be early 70s; he came after “abbit” — the toy rabbit you loved literally to bits. All we have left of “abbit” is a sweet photo of you at 18 months in which you are cuddling him.

    1. thanks, mom. i am sitting in the dining room having a cup of coffee and a banana. it’s early – 5:15. The race starts around the corner, so i am lucky.

      did lala tell you that she got the lead in the play? she’s an aspiring fireworks maker… she’ll have two solos. we’re very proud of her. you will be blown away by how much she has grown.

  2. big love and hugs for a great race, girlfriend! you’ll rock it any which way. just stay safe running in that heat. need to send an email soon about december plans…

  3. a knee has an end life, an ego lives forever, don’t bust that knee, Theo! tomorrow night you want to be home having a nice hot bath (big wish in India) surrounded by family, knowing your limitations and accepting with grace.

    1. that was from me, Kate M (not sure why it’s posting as anonymous will try and sort that). we’re coming to delhi end oct for UK half term, would love to see you

      1. i would love to see you, kate – it would be nice to get lala and clara together as well.

        as for the run, i am going slow through the pain. if it eases up, i will push it. if not, i won’t. that’s the plan!

  4. Go girl go! By the time you get this you will have already won the race! Hopefully, you are now sitting somewhere cool with your feet (and knee) up and sipping a glass of red wine to soothe those aches and pains. Way to go! Lots of love from Seattle!

    Eileen, Bill, Clara, Lou and Jackie Dee

    1. Ei: It was HOT and slow slow going… No wins this year for me I’m betting. The elites didn’t break an hour, sadly. Kenyan males swept the top and an Ethiopian woman won.

      I feel exceptionaly good, not too washed-out despite the heat. The knee is throbbing though and I have it on ice as I write. We’re in the car heading to Rajasthan. Literally just passed a camel driving himself. His caretaker was asleep, lying on a cart being pulled by the camel down the highway. Camel must know where he’s going!

      Wine tonight with a special cheer for our family in Seattle. Hugs all around…

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