Between What is Said and What is Done Lies the Sea

Jim is in Rome this month covering all things Vatican.  It’s a chance for him to wade into Italian news before we move there this summer.  My religiously challenged husband is now writing sentences dotted with these words:  gospel, homily, sacristy and purple, Lenten vestments.  But if he wanted to write about Italy, he needn’t have left Delhi.

India is mighty mad at Italy these days.

Last week the Indian Supreme Court told the Italian ambassador that he could not leave the country.  It’s not unusual for a country to expel an ambassador when diplomatic relations sour.  Detention, however, bends the rules.  It might pit India against the Vienna Convention which gives diplomats immunity from arrest.  India says the ambassador waived his right to immunity when he promised the court that Italy would return two Italian marines accused of killing Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala last year.

The marines were posted aboard an Italian tanker to protect it while it sailed from Singapore to Egypt.  The marines say they thought the ship was under attacked by pirates when they shot at the fishing vessel in self-defence, killing two men on board.

The Indian coastguard intercepted the Italian tanker and arrested the marines.  Italy says the incident happened in international waters and that India doesn’t  have jurisdiction to try the marines.   A court in Kerala charged them with murder and they have been in custody in south India awaiting trial.

Until last month.

That’s when India agreed to let the marines return to Italy to vote in the national election in March.

The Italian ambassador promised the supreme court that they would return in a month.

Can you finish the story?

That’s right… The marines are not coming back.

The Indian Supreme Court says it will hold the Italian ambassador in contempt of court if the marines don’t show up in two days.

Italy says that there’s no way the men will get a fair trial here.  It wants an international court to hear the case.

Meanwhile, the airports are on alert in case the ambassador tries to slip out of the country.

If you come home soon Jim Yardley, you might get both Italy and India in the same lead…



Twenty-four hours in one crazy weekend:  A school fundraiser Saturday night, back-alley camels in an urban village Sunday afternoon  (home to some of my favorite shopping haunts),  and an Indian wedding Sunday night:


And the guests are flocking for a last-chance, free stay in Delhi and a taste of Yardley hospitality:  (We LOVED hosting the King family… Thank you for coming!)




I get a lot of questions from my female students about how to juggle work and a family.   I tell them that it seems daunting when you don’t have to do it, but when you do, you survive.  Here’s a classic example:  Last week Eddie had a mild case of Delhi Belly and he didn’t feel comfortable going to school.  It happened to be a day when the nanny was off.  I had to give a presentation to a group of visiting graduate students.  Here’s what it looked like:


Eddie tagged along and sat in the middle of the action… and everyone loved it.


And finally – Look at these gorgeous vegetables ready for street-side snacking:


Now, look under the table.   Hello Delhi Belly…


5 thoughts on “Between What is Said and What is Done Lies the Sea”

  1. Have been following Jim’s tweets and posts from Rome – not enough of them…
    What an interesting story about the Italian ambassador, the killings, etc. Have not seen anything of it in the press here. YOU should write it for the NYT.
    Awful news about the Swiss couple.

    You look BEAUTIFUL in the wedding photo. Love the sari!
    Have you contacted Cat and Greg?
    Summer plans???
    Please give everyone a hug for me.
    Love, Barbara

  2. jimmy is in Rome to support the Vatican team… he says he’s not used to being the weak link!

    The Italian/India story is a long-brewing affair… and there’s so much more to it. Like all things here, it’s complicated.

    The Swiss gang rape… ugh. Just before we arrived Delhi another Swiss lady was raped – abducted in a car after a performance at Siri Fort and deposited roadside.

    And yes, I did write to Cat and Greg… I’ll email you about that and summer plans.


  3. Tough crowd! Five stories in 11 days, two on the front page, plus Tweeting until my phone died from St. Peter’s Square! And you should hear my Italiano! I actually interviewed a guy on St. Peter’s Square in, yes, Mandarin!

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