8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lala”

  1. Gosh, Lala, your singing sends shivers of joy through me. Your superb voice is a true gift, a treasure to nurture. Many, many bravos!! Grandpaw John saw this before I was awake, and he came running in to tell me how amazing you are. You are more than amazing !

    Happy, happy birthday, and much love.


    1. The beauty here is that she’s still so shy and protective of her own talent… standing up and singing for a crowd isn’t easy. Yet you can see her find her center in this performance. I am awed by her ability to face the challenge and work through it.

      1. Theo, Lala is indeed a brave and courageous girl. We are so proud of her … and of her beautiful and brilliant mum!

  2. Please wish Lala a very Happy Birthday from us!
    This clip blew us away and left us wanting MORE, MORE!!
    What a beautiful and powerful voice, and what she does with it is so inspiring……..
    Lots of Love,
    Barbara and Vlad

  3. As I told Olivia on the phone yesterday after hearing the video: “You’re wonderful!” I was referring not only to her music talent but also to Olivia, the person. So proud of her.

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