2 thoughts on “DSC_0406”

  1. Theo, Screw the laundry, keep exploring Rome. Glad to see you already have a group of girlfiends to lunch with. I got a nice promotion from Tina Brown. Senior producer (finally…)
    My very generous Dad is taking my whole family (we are 20) to Punta Cana for Christmas.
    God bless Grandpa. Happy, happy holidays, Karen

  2. Karen: I want to holiday with your family one day. I’ll pay my way but I just want to see them in action…. have heard so many wonderful stories of pub songs and laughter.

    Ooh beautiful promotion!! Good for you.

    After writing this post can you believe that today I thought: It would be nice to work… just a little bit! Not sure I have the temperament to simply be… but I am giving it a good go.

    Have a great holiday. Hugs to you and Spencer. xt

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