The Dolomites

There will be no humble brags in this post.   I booked a ski vacation in Val Gardena in South Tyrol last month and took Eddie for what was an unparalleled week of sport and dining set against sublime views of the Dolomites.  It was an opportunity well-worth slicing out of the budget.  Eddie found his balance and speed after a week of lessons and Mama pushed herself harder than she has in decades.  We were with friends who knew the valley and hosted our itinerary to perfection.

The week included a lovely day alone in the snowy quiet of the woods hiking to a sacred bluff above Ortisei where the 13th-century chapel of San Giacomo sits with a postcard view of the Sassolungo.  The weather was blustery and clouds sped across the dramatic landscape.  Quick-moving shadows and the staccato appearance of the sun created what felt like a time-lapse video of the view.  That afternoon a tree fell on a cable car line and 200 people had to be rescued by helicopter.  I had chosen a good day to rest from skiing.

The rest of the week:

1 thought on “The Dolomites”

  1. So happy to see these beautiful scenes and mostly to see that you are wearing helmets. We stupidly never did, but today all the smart skiers do, even Cole! It looks like a spectacular trip!

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